András Ekés


András EKÉS, engineer and managing director of Mobilissimus, a Budapest based mobility planning and consultancy company ( He has been involved in a wide range of projects on sustainable mobility & urban development. He is committed to a smarter, greener, and socially inclusive mobility. András is involved in SUMPs as author, consultant, or trainer and is a member of the secretariat of the Magyar CIVINET network. His scopes of activities are also the renewal and upgrading of local public transport services in Hungary and abroad. András has been speaker of different EU-wide urban and mobility conferences. He is holding university lectures and participates in awareness raising events to share the sustainable mobility knowledge. András is working with a wide scope of activities from strategic planning to operational tasks, synthetizing the synergies from all layers of the mobility planning and consultancy and is an urban and mobility photographer for decades.

Thursday 25 November 14:00 > 15:30

Quickly understanding the new normal - Pandemic as an incentive for a completely renewed and attractive bus service in Nyíregyháza (Hungary)

ROOM A / Beginning a New Era - Accelerating shifting to Sustainable Mobility