João Pedro Silva

Cascais Próxima EM SA Head of the Transport Division

Currently: - Since 2016, heads the Transport Division of Cascais Próxima, the municipal company managing urban mobility in Cascais. Is also a certified EasyMile operator and training officer for the EZ10 Gen2 autonomous vehicle. Prior experience: - Studied Environmental Engineering at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT/UNL); - Young researcher at the GASA - Environmental Systems Analysis Group (FCT/UNL) focusing on combining VR and GIS technologies; - Technical consultant for the Portuguese Pavilion at EXPO'98; - Data visualization programmer and project manager at the IN+ - Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research (IST/UTL) focusing on big data visualization, spatial syntax and urban mobility assessment; - Founded and worked for several technological companies in the private sector. Other activities: - diver, wildlife photographer, citizen scientist, lecturer and author focusing on studying and documenting sea slugs.