Giovanna Martellato

ISPRA -Italian National Instititute dor Environmental Research corporate mobility manager

I am an architect and since several years I am the mobility manager of ISPRA, a public technical and scientific institute of reference for environmental protection and research in Italy. I work in Rome and I graduated at the IUAV in Venice, where I was born. I specialized in behavioral sciences obtaining a Master's degree at LUISS University. I am interested in facilitating sustainable mobility choices of my colleagues working for a public agency and I contribute to represent ISPRA's vision for sustainability in urban mobility. For this purpose surveys and questionnaires are administered and analyzed to elaborate the home-work travel plan. Here short and medium term measures, feasibility studies and requests to internal ando external stackholders are represented. The employees of our Rome office - over 900 - have a bicycle parking system with changing room and shower, a shuttle bus, public transport facilities, recharge points for cars and bikes, agreements with sharing mobility operators. 50% of the staff today works in smart working mode. We participated in the experimentation of the Elviten light electric mobility project. In 2021 we avoided about 2968 kg CO2/day and we saved 27 trip hours/month for 1 employee. For 2022 I aim to implement a system rewarding all possible sustainable mobility choices with a platform and mobile application through gamification. Some ISPRA publications are about coordination of mobility managers network, the solutions adopted for university’s students mobility and the behavioral approach in mobility management techniques. I enjoyed creating a sustainable mobility game for a citizen science project. I am a level I Kundalini Yoga teacher and I want to help people to live better with meditative reflexology. I love my family which also includes a dog.